Environment for Sprint Retrospective

As suggested for other meetings, it is very important the support of an integrated tool to avoid various complementary tools. In this way, this work suggests the creation of an environment providing some features to automate this practice, such as: video conferencing and chat for communication; a virtual board like the TaskBoard, in which members can create notes with the positive and negative points that happened on Sprint. Furthermore, the environment must share project information among the participants, such as: the Sprint burndown and the Product burndown allowing the team to discuss the project progress; the Taskboard enabling to check the impediments that have occurred along the Sprint.

Figure 9 presents a prototype of the environment to be developed as future work which includes all features discussed in this part. This Figure shows the communication part minimized, exposing in central of the screen the virtual board. This board aims to enable members to collaborate in real time allowing the creation of notes reporting the relevant facts that occurred over the Sprint and assigning it as a positive or negative. The virtual board of Figure 9 also suggests an additional column allowing the members to define what actions should be taken to the next Sprint. Another important feature not mentioned yet in the feature list, it is the storage of the meeting information of each team, which allows to share what each team discussed, since as defined by the proposed approach, each team will hold separately its meeting.

Figure 9. Environment for Sprint Retrospective.
Figure 9. Environment for Sprint Retrospective.

Thus, this environment allows the members from each team to discuss in their meeting, the positives and negatives issues of the current Sprint,  allowing store these information in a database, which must be consulted by other teams and team members who could not attend the meeting.


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